Biovermi® Worm Humus Tea

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Biovermi® by AgroWorms.

Offer top-quality organic fertilizer for a wide variety of farming and gardening.  Biovermi® Worm Humus Tea, which is also known as vermicompost tea, is vitamin, mineral-rich; full of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that plants love. By using Worm Humus Tea, you can help the environment by reducing and even eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers. Improves soil structure, suppresses plant disease, helps ward off pests, and speeds up flower and fruit production. Biovermi® products are purely natural, free of odor, safe, and easy to use.


All plant types

Increases plant growth and Speeds up flower and fruit production.

Foliar spray or soil drench for indoor and outdoor plants




Application Rate

Biovermi Humus Tea can be applied to all crops including, vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, vines, ornamentals, trees, turf, lawns, landscape shrubs, flowers, and house plants. Application rates will vary by Crop and should be used with Guidance from Agro Worms do not used concentrate on plants. Always dilute before using.

Soil Drench or Foliar Spray

  • Mix 3oz of Humus tea per Gallon of water /winter add 4oz concentrate per 1 gallon of water. For best results use well water, rainwater, or de-chlorinated tap water.

For Vegetables

  • Mix 6 to 7 ounces of Humus Tea per Gallon of water apply once per week. For best results use well water, rainwater, or de-chlorinated tap water.

For Hydroponics

  • Mix 4oz into 1 gallon of nutrient solution and apply every 7 days Since all growing systems are unique, our Business Development Managers will work with you to customize a feeding plan to generate the best results based on your growth objectives and specific growth environment.

For Best Results

  • Apply Biovermi Worm Humus Tea early morning or late afternoon to reduce the negative impact of UV rays from the sun.
  • Apply Humus Tea 1-2 days after Liquid Fertilizer application; it will help the plant to have greater absorption of the other products.