Worm Humus tea, which is also known as vermicompost tea or Worms castings Extract, is vitamin, mineral rich, full of nutrients and beneficial microorganism. They are a natural soil supplement found in nature that has a number of benefits to plants and the soil they are planted in.

Biovermi Humus tea is ideal for use in hydroponic operations and in fact, in any growing operation that employs the use of an artificial mix or soilless media. Worms Humus will inoculate your growing media and populate your root zone with beneficial microbes that will aid in nutrient uptake and enhance overall plant health.

The most effective means of applying Worms Humus Tea is directly to the growing media to promote efficient uptake by the plant’s root system. That being said, there are numerous growers that have achieved their desired results through foliar application.

Biovermi Humus tea should not be used directly on seeds. You can condition the soil with the tea, before hand, then plant the seeds after a couple of days. Feed Biovermi Humus tea after seeds have germinated and grown their first leaf. Start with a lower ratio for young seedlings (about half the normal rate).

Biovermi nutrient tea is a concentrate and should be diluted before using. We suggest mixing 3 oz of Biovermi Humus tea to 1 gallon of water. Depending on what type of plants you are feeding you can use more or less. Since VermisTerra tea is organic and natural, you can apply it during growing and blooming seasons without hurting the plant. Once you mix Biovermi Humus tea with water, feed to plants within 24 hours (do not store).

You should see increased foliar growth, deeper color of green in leaves, more fruit and enhances tastes. Biovermi products condition your soil so this process takes time. The key is consistently adding tea. A little goes a long way. Some farmers see perkier plants in a couple of days, while most see results within 4-10 months of use.

Not at all. There are no chemicals in the product, no dangerous gases, and it's safe to touch. It physically can't catch on fire. It's the safest Organic Fertilizer supplement on the market.

We raise red wiggler worms known for composting organic matter.

Typical turnaround time is 24-48 hours on bag orders. Bulk orders can take longer, due to the need to arrange custom shipping for your order.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products Biovermi- Worms Humus Tea. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can simply send in the proof of purchase by mail and we will refund your purchase price.