Our Mission

Grow Healthy feed healthy.

We promote better human, animal and environmental health by supporting a sustainable approach to agriculture, landscaping and home gardening by supplying organic fertilizers that enhance plants health and fertility. Biovermi® Worm Humus Tea, which is also known as vermicompost tea, is vitamin, mineralrich; full of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that plants love. By using Worm Humus Tea, you can help the environment by reducing and even eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers.

About Us

Agro Worms is the third generation of a family own business that has dedicated more than 30 years to agriculture, care, and protection of plants. Our family has been using Worm Humus since the beginning of our crops but several years ago we decided to share our product for all farmers and creating our company Agro Worms. Improving plants health is the cornerstone to sustainable agriculture and feeding the world—and we are in this together. Do your part to protect our soil, plants and contribute to the agricultural system by choosing Agro Worms.