We support a sustainable approach to agriculture, landscaping and home gardening by supplying organic fertilizers that enhance plants health and fertility.

Suitable for All plant types

Increases plant growth and Speeds up flower
and fruit production.

Foliar spray or soil drench for indoor and
outdoor plants

Industry segments and Beneficial Impact


Worm Humus Tea has been developing an impact on fruit plants. Growers have found increased fruits plant vigor, greater health in the plants, greater production of fruits; plants sprout faster, better fruit color and grow consistently.


Worm Humus Tae are the best-kept secret of veteran marijuana growers. Improve the health of cannabis plants, get higher yields, root mass increased and provide organic nutrition to their plants. Worm Humus provide long-term nutrition without harmful chemicals and dry flower yields are increased by up to 38%.


Worm Humus tea is great and easy to apply in all type if vegetables. Has been extensively tested, has shown increased plant health, flavors and yield in vegetable and leafy green production.


Worm Humus Improved growing outcomes and microbial health, greater transplant success, more resilient plants, more vigorous stems and leaves, larger root mass, and higher yields and better quality of Hydroponic uses.

Plant Nursery

Worm Humus Tea has been developing an impact on Nursery across South Florida. Growers have reducing and even eliminated the use of chemical fertilizer. Using Worm Humus Tea have healthier plants performance and additionally have a higher tolerance to drought, greater flowering and transplant success.



I've been using Biovermi Humus Tea for the las couple years and these photographic images are a testament to the positive effect that this organic Worms Tea has had on these plants. I have been utterly surprised by the height, color and bloom circumference as well as the number of blooms and stalks that all of these plants have produced.

Mike Roche
Tropical Farm

The passion fruit crops have had a very positive impact with the use of Biovermi Humus Tea, the product has helped us to have healthier plants that are resistant to pests, we have developed greater fruit production than we have ever seen before, our farm is very grateful for the importance of using Humus Tea and the impact it creates on plants.

Caicedo farm

This is our own testimony, an example of our soursop trees fertilized by Biovermi Humus tea, the fruit production in each harvest is incredible, the size and health of each plant is something that we have never experienced before.


I am constantly searching for ways to add biology to my Hydroponics system. Biovermi products are some of the first organic matter fertilizer products that I have been able to successfully integrate into my nutrient regimen. I use it on all our vegetable & herb plants in our Hydroponics. The plants all look so much more resilient than ever before.

Carlos Alvarez

I believe by integrating Biovermi Humus Tea products into our growing regimen we have boosted the plants immune system. Making them more resilient to pests and disease as well as the stresses inherent with simulated atmospheric conditions. I have seen guaranteed positive results since using the Worms Humus Tea from Agro Worms on my cannabis outdoor crop. The beneficial nutrients found in Tea are absorbed easily and immediately by plants

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